Writing my college essays was probably the thing with which I struggled the most through my high  school experience. I kept on changing my topic and being a math-science person, I had a lot of trouble getting my thoughts on paper.  

When Ms. Corley started helping the essay process suddenly became significantly easier. With her assistance, I found the perfect topic, which was very easy for me to write about and express myself with. She helped me revise and improve my drafts and helped me understand how to make yourself sound impressive without coming off as arrogant.  I learned the cliche things to avoid in essays and how to make my personal essay stick out from a pile of hundreds if not thousands of essays sitting on an admission counselor's desk.

I just officially enrolled at Columbia University, the school that was sitting on top of my list of potential options options. I know that without her help, my chances of getting into a top university  like Columbia would have been significantly lower, and I probably would be writing this testimonial enrolled at a university that wasn't my top option. 

Thank you, Ms. Corley, for helping me improve my writing abilities and assisting me in getting to  attend my dream college that will give me the education I want and need to be very successful for  many years to come.  

Matthew R.
Columbia University

As I entered college application season, I had very little experience with personal essays and narratives- the kind of writing that college essay questions often ask. I knew that I was excited about the schools I was applying to, but I needed help communicating that passion in a way that will stand out from other applications.

Ms. Corley worked with me from refining essay topics to polishing my word choices. I never would have thought I would truly find my writing "voice" by answering "Why this school?" questions, but my writing is definitely much stronger now than it would have been without her guidance.

Last fall, I was unsure if I could get into my top college program relying on my academic record alone, but with Ms. Corley's help on making my essays memorable, it was possible.

Angie K. 
Boston University

Anyone who has gone through the application process knows, applying to college is incredibly stressful. When I began the process of applying to college, I had no idea how I would be able to write one essay that completely embodied who I was both as a student and as an individual. 

However, with Ms. Corley’s help this experience went from a struggle to a success. I had always known how to write, but I didn’t know how to write in a way that used "showing" instead of "telling." With the help of The College Essay Captain, I was able to turn a boring essay into a story that captivated my reader.  

Before I worked with Ms. Corley I was unsure if grades alone would be enough to get me into my top choice of universities. After working with Ms. Corley, I am proud to say that in the fall I will be attending my number one choice, the University of Michigan.

I honestly believe that my dream would not have become a reality if it weren’t for Ms. Corley. The College Essay Captain is an excellent resource that will help anyone turn his or her academic dreams into reality.  

Zack P. 
University of Michigan

I had the unique opportunity to work with Ms. Corley on crafting my college admissions  essay, undoubtedly one of the most important documents I have had to write in my life. Ms. Corley helped me analyze the questions being posed and think critically to come up with a game plan for  responding to the question. 

By taking a holistic approach to the essay writing process, Ms. Corley guided me in the right direct-ion while allowing me to steer the ship. The result was incredible, and I write this recommendation  from my dorm room at the college of my choice. I would recommend working with The College  Essay Captain if you are looking for someone who will help you push your boundaries and reach  your goals.

Max K.
Drexel University

I wanted to get into a certain honors program in the CUNY college system since I entered high school and heard of its prestige and all the bonuses it offers. The only problem: it's incredibly difficult to get into, and I was fighting with many scholars in my grade for a seat in the program. While our ACT scores were the same, those I was up against had higher grades and took an extra AP course, so they had the advantage over me.

The only thing that made the difference between me getting the seat was my college essays. Ms. Corley worked with me relentlessly to help me get my two essays done until they were absolutely perfect. Now I'm in the college program of my dreams.

Yasmine B.
Macaulay Honors at City College Class of 2018